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Teacher Listana
Japanese level N2
Teacher Listana is an advisor to One World.
She teaches One World teachers. She is also good at cooking!

Teacher Eisuke Kojima
Native Japanese
As the headteacher, Teacher Eisuke created our textbooks and gave detailed instructions on how to teach each teacher in class. His unique and keen advice is trusted not only by the teacher but also by the students.

Teacher Ohinata
Native Japanese
Teacher Ohinata assists students from behind through video creation, documentation, test aggregation, and analysis. He is married to a Filipino.

Teacher Joy
Japanese Level N3
Teacher Joy is enthusiastic about teaching. With five years of extensive experience, she teaches students to pass the N4.

Teacher Joel
Japanese level N3
Teacher Joel’s class always laughs and enjoys the lesson. His students are also very skilled as he teaches repeatedly, giving many samples.

Teacher Jhona
Japanese level N2
Teacher Johna has a reputation for kindness and kind guidance. Many students trust her.

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